Bakgård: Urban Canopy              

Urban Canopy

Power Plant NYC autumn 2011 semester project by Anders Sletbak.

The project looks at the scale of 100.000m2 inserted in the dense fabric of the Manhattan grid. Through a singular gesture the building lifts the spaces up from the street scape. This provides a variety of sunlight conditions for the mixed program inside the building. At the same time the ground offers a brand new experience to the grid through a water mirror that reflects light up underneath the structure and a common space. The top surface becomes a mountain garden for the public facing out to the east river as well as terraces for the apartments.

The base offers public facilities as retail and cafes towards the water mirror and then builds up to a variety of office spaces over 2 levels. The 5th floor provides a communication channel through the block and access to a culture centre with up to 8m floor height to cater for theatre spaces or music venues. On the top terrace housing steps northward with access to the roof and further offices take up the southern edge with penthouse suites on the top.

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