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Kjell Lund

Singer, songwriter and architect Kjell Lund passed away August 17th. More at NAL's website.

A snapshot from this morning when I was walking past Norges Bank on my way to work.

Oslo Open House

Oslo Open House is kicking of September 21st! I recommend stopping by Tallhall by PirII

New In

New shoes from Nike

New String pocket shelf

New lamp from Blomingville

New wool blanket from Rørostweed

New place to hang

Medieval Architects

Carina, Øyvind and I as medieval architects. Drawn by my very talented friend Johannes. Thanks Jojo!


All of us turned out okey - working as architects

The String Shelf

I got this old String Shelf in a gray/teak combo and I love it!
The string system was designed in 1949 by Swedish Nisse Strinning.

Summer Vacay Part II

Grimstad - Lillesand - Dyreparken/Kardemommeby

Trestykker 2013

Architecture students working hard at it. Follow the building process at the website or Instagram.