Bakgård: December 2009              

Bård Helland's Community Houses

Expect some well executed architecture from Arkitekturverkstedet i Oslo mostly because Bård Helland is leading the charge now. He did this community house project independently in collaboration wih Kirkens bymisjon some years ago. Here's an article about it in D2. All photos by Ivan Brody.

Facebook's New Office Space

Pretty much what you would expect from a techy firm like Facebook. Casual and homey.

Common Ground

That's a forrest inside a buidling you see in the photo. Helle did text and photo's for an article. Joachim and Ville did the loading, and unloading of the forrest. Exhibition is designed by Atelier Oslo.


I don't know how a bunch of students manage to find time, and remarkable is it that they do this free of charge. Big ups to the folks in Trondheim. More projects this way, please.

Adam Guzman

The Green Ribbon Market

Kai Justin Reaver and Adam Richards did a video of their school project. Click the video for credits.

Manthey Kula

Well, their site is up and running, however with no content.

Axonometric Reactors

This is how you make axio drawings. Reactors are facinating structrues. So much infrastructure packed into one typologi. More context here.

Merry Christmas!

Bureau Alexander Brodsky

The film below is of Alexander Brodsky's studio in Moscow. Kudos to for reporting. I remember Alexander Brodsky from the Triennale in Oslo. He was a shy guy. I even caught him sip some vodka before the talk. In true Russian fashion. Merry holidays guys.


Really digging the dual-shot here. Snatched from Bldgblog.

Burning Man

This is some sort of an arts festival. These guys..

Build stuff like this..

And then burn it..

Kobra x Snøhetta

Swedish culture program Kobra covering all things Norwegian. Click here and watch the episode.

LPO After Party

After the exhibition in Moss our entire class had a fest of their own. LPO were the premisses with heaps of pizza and then some more cava.