Bakgård: April 2009              

Dance Company Chunky Movs

"Mortal Engine is a new dance-video-music-laser performance using movement and sound responsive projections to portray an ever-shifting, shimmering world in which the limits of the human body are an illusion."

The Process of Architecture

A pretty decent run-down on the process of architecture from the homeowners point of view. More on it in the Buildblog here.

Peter Koch

Artsy collage. More here.

Peter Zumpthor

Watercolor painting and pencils. Yes please! Photos of Peter Zumpthor's work over at sushi lover's flickr-account.

Paris Paris Paris

We are on the flight right now, very tired and excited! Paris for the next 10 days. Looking forward to the sunny spring weather.

Hail Siza

Alvaro wins prize. Read the article here.

Peep Show

Ship containers with perforated mini-hole made into an exhibition space. Something very Japanese about this. Looks weird and fun at the same time. More on it here.

Research And Criticism

"Architectural research and architectural criticism". Sounds like a smart and heady heading. Its an event arranged by The Nordic Association for Architectural Research and the Faculty of Architecture and Fine Art, NTNU. This event runs from the 25th throughout 28th this month. Two questions; would anyone send a transcript and why is this not in Oslo, as well? So, if your in Trondheim, then do like Facebook and click attend.


Wilfried Wang, Architect, Professor, University of Texas (US/D)
Jan Olav Jensen, Architect, Jensen & Skodvin Architects (N)
Claes Caldenby, Architect, Professor, Chalmers (S)
Bård Helland, Architect, AHO (N)
Birgit Cold, Architect, Professor, NTNU (N)
Nina Berre, Architect, CEO Norsk Form (N)

Climbing Wall

Interesting idea. However, seems a bit too dramatic on the photos. That's just too high up there for me. More on it here.

Still Popular

AHO is the second most popular school in Norway when it comes to applicants per slot. Read more here.

Some Books Of Mine

Designer leiligheter, Funksjonalismens boliger, Bergjord Roma, Siteless, Wallpaper City Guides, Modern Architecture Since 1900, The Story of Art, Ny arkitektur i hovedstaden, History of Modern Design, Copenhagen Architecture and Design

Unplugged Italy

Gallery opening at school last week. Wine was served.

Digging Landscape

What it looks like when you fuck up the natural landscape. Pertur looks at it for wonderful motifs to shoot.

Kelvin & Jacqueline

Her - PR and him - architect. More at The Selby.








Bakgård is off for Paris next week. Super excited!

Expansion Of The Holy Mosque

An example on how to design for visability, capacity and movement in a mosque.

Norway vs China

Just for the cultural distance our architecture teachings presents, I'm really intrigued about maybe leaving abroad for architecture school. Should be a healthy experience questioning all the stuff school teach you as an undergraduate. Not so sure about the food and traffic, though. Bikes might be fun, but aren't those banned now? Underneath, Wang Shu tells a little bit about changes in 1980's China and how architecture ought to be taught.

NASA Space Art Gallery

More amazingness by Robert McCall here.


Architectural Models

What is it with physical architectural models that digital renders never can achive? Here is a post, read the comments.

Bakgård Board Meeting

Architect students having lunch after their pin-up.

Spring Time

The spring has finally come to Oslo. I love the little girl's red hair against the blue flowers.

AHO Spring Party 09

Mark your calendars! AHO's annual Spring Party will take place at our school on April 25th. We won't be there because we'll be in lovely Paris, but everyone else should definitely stop by!

Bjarke Ingels Talk



Contextualism describes a collection of views which emphasize the context in which an action, utterance, or expression occurs, and argues that, the action, utterance, or expression can only be understood relative to that context.