Bakgård: September 2009              

Tezuka Architects

Tezuka Architects came by OAF to have a talk. This was last year. I know. Back-logging again. Anyhow, you should of been there. They gave away monographs for free to the audience.

Minna Riska introducing.

Takaharu Tezuka and Yui Tezuka, with kid, presenting.

Dagfinn Sagen closing it in.

Blue and red for the win!

For Westerners, Japanese folks are special. In the photo below, they are feed kids straw for lunch.

Touring Development

Buildings we saw on our bus trip in and around Moss. That first one there is interesting to look at. Never seen a staircase like it in Norway before.

Inspired Bicycles

Forum Magazine

A showcase of new Scandinavian graduates in the new issue of Forum Magazine. Nice paper stock and excellent photography throughout.


We're leaving for Barcelona on Monday with our class. Still summer temperatures there, so we are very excited! We'll leave you with this video of Museo Can Framis. It's in Barcelona, of course. The best architecture video I've seen thus far. Right up there with the best.


Office for Metropolitan Architecture updates their site. Click here and have a look.

Dramatic Sky

School Library

Fresh off the shelf.

Akerselva Lights

Dang. Akerselva was packed. Thousands. People were performing and singing. What a show.

Crit Life

Put aside its hardships, studio life is still great. Put in the effort and you learn a lot. You don't need to consider these punks. And even them. That's sometimes nice. Liberating, actually.

Details. Sketch-style.

Joachim certified.

Lady in red.

Drunk guy sittin' on the dock of the bay.

Beer from last nights party down here.

Canteen food.

Accidentaly took a photo of my thigh. Turned out nice. Full of texture.

Bjørn Sandaker sturdy as a beam. Einar Dahle on the prowl. Hanna in the midst sporting grey and black.

Board shots

Model shots.