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Pierre Is A Linselus

Finally Finished

My group's Naked House prodject is finished. We just turned in our work. Tomorrow is the presentation. 16 groups have worked on analyzing different buildings. Can't wait to see the result. This is just two of a lot of renderings. Maybe I'll post some more of them later.

Seeing Orange

This is a very orange room in the back of our studio.

Fully Flared

Hands down, the best skate intro ever. Architecturally, this video is interesting to look at since the built environment dissolves - in slow motion.

Hunting Faces

Just had to blog these pictures from Face Hunter. Love the jacket!

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Crazy Colour Combination

House in Stavanger.

Meet the architects

Big Buildings of Beijing

Rem Koolhaas

Kim Jong Il The Great Architect

Will Wright interview

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Awesome, Dude!

Shigeru All The Way

I'm still working on the project about Shigeru Ban's Naked House. I really like his work. He uses materials in a new way and thinks about the environment. I forgot to tell you, but I acutally recieved an e-mail from his office. They couldn't help me though. I'll blog my rendrings when they are done.

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This should be Norway's national food. Really.

Congrats To Lego

Since Pierre remined me that it is Lego's birthday today, I want to share this fabolous lego sculpture with you.

Lego's 50 Today!

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Francoise Wants Some Frappuccino

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Ren People's Building, Shanghai

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Cut It Short... all I said when I went to my hairdresser. This is the result.

One To Go

This is what is left of my golden balloons.

Jazz It Up

We went for a walk in Oslo yesteday and stopped by Jazzkafé at Oslo Konserthus. Free jazz concerts every saturday from 2 pm to 4 pm.

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A Beautiful Saturday in Oslo

Nobel Peace Center bading in sun.

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Discussing Education

Two interesting threads found on the Net.

Kampen om universitetene: Morgenbladet

Reformer arkitektuddannelsen: Arkitema

What If...

Bill Gates moved to Oslo? Interesting debate going on over at Arkitemabloggen.

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"...honour those who die."

" great domestic space."

Casa Guardiola


"...don't know what Architecture is"

Peter And Wolf wasting everybodys time.

"My Mom Pushed Me"

Architecture Music Video

What's do The Strokes have in common with Koyaanisqatsi? These two videos shows you it.


Mies Rendering


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Living In A Tree

Check out this article from D2

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Stjernø Report

How does Oslo University for the Arts sound like? Click the photo for a larger view and click the link below to read the report.

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Naked House Part Deux

I'm still working on my 3D model. Not yet finished.


For some strange reason we have an old car inside our school.


Official opening at 7 pm, monday January 28. Last exhibition-day is sunday February 3. A whole week of fun. Swing by our school.

24 architecture projects, six industrial design and one landscape architecture.

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Talking Architecture & Design

Symposium for discussing contemporary architecture and design. This coming friday at 14:30 at AHO's school pub. Its promise beer and good conversation.

Just Like Air

My beloved Mac just broke. Hope they can fix it. Meanwhile I'm dreaming about this little thing.

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A Splash of Colour

Speaking of Italy. Check out the Italian artist Graziano Cecchini's work. He got some balls.

Viva la Italia

In about four months our class is going to Rome! Hip hop hooray!

Lexington Goes Fashion

If you are a fan of Lexington's all American interior line, then this is good news! They have finally started designing clothes. Retailers in Oslo: Ferner Jacobsen (Stortingsgaten 14)

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Dandy Bling

If you ever need inspiration, visit this site.

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That Amazing Coat

My favorite fashion blog

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Read All About It! Get Your BauNetz!

Free weekly German publication. Listings of all architecture related stuff. Have a nice read.

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Nice to see architects making things other then architecture.

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Chinese Bird Nest

Quote. In a very stange way, we do not always know what we do. Un-quote. Fleeting words by Jacques Herzog. Our history teacher had a lecture last week and came about mentioning the swiss architecture office Herzog & De Meuron.

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Simple 3D Model

My 3D model of Shigeru Ban's Naked House

Ville's Painting of The Week

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