Bakgård: 2013              


The old British, the new British, Tate, Oxo, Chelsea and more. Love this town.

Blowing Away

Apparently there is a storm coming our way. Thanks to Tomas for the link.

Deserted Places Detroit

Everyone left in a hurry. More here!

This Might Not Be Appropriate

The exhibition by JDS Architects opened September 19th in Brussels.
It shows a selection of works from the last 12 years. More here.


Photos from Oslo Open House last weekend

Behind The Green Door

I stopped by OAT's main exhibition at DogA this Sunday. Curators: Rotor

Autumn Weekends

Designer's Saturday, election and meeting up with friends.

Kulturquiz Winners

Congrats to Ingerid Helsing Almaas and Magne Magler Wiggen! 120 hours got some well deserved cash.

Screenshot: NRK