Bakgård: June 2009              


I took these pictures in a backyard (bakgård) in Paris. 5 minutes later we got kicked out by a very angry woman. The first picture is definitely my favorite. Wood at its best.

The Secret Of The Pyramids

I have always admired the Egyptians and their beautiful pyramids. Watch this documentary on NRK about the French architect Jean Pierre Houdin. He came up with a new theory on how it was possible to build the pyramids thousands of years ago.

Spinning Fork

Bård in our class got shortlisted with his competition entry Spinning Fork in Beyond Silver.

Architecture Readings

Sometime I like to read the logs of different newspapers. Here's a list and use Google to translate. Enjoy reading.

Review: The Norwegian House
Comment: Bjørvika's Other Facade
Article: Journal Against Cliches
Article: A Manifold of Architectures
Article: Common Architecture
Article: The Divine Architect
Series: The Life In Between Houses, Seduced by Ayn Rand
Series: Le Corbusier: Part I, Part II, Part III
Series: Architects In Novels; The Genius, The Social Democrat, The Socialist, The Rebelist, Tone Berg's Confession

Cool Summer

Remember to stop by the Snøhetta exhibition at Arkitekturmuseet this summer.

Models of the Opera.

Visit Café Grosh. Lovely mussels.

Roof Timber Framing

Some classic film clips on how to properly frame and mount a timber roof structure. Notice the music in the background. Hillarious stuff. In some ways or another it calms you down and sets the mood right for learning. Watch them here.


Our school was granted a big pot of money by the Government here in Norway. This will be used to add 25 more to our student body. Read the article here.

Peter Talks

Great interview with Peter Zumthor over at AJ.


A full length film on YouTube. This would be the best film ever put out on YouTube for free, mos def.

Old School

Wouldn't mind re-using old factory furniture.


Civic City

"Design plays an increasingly important role in shaping urban space. A City is no longer seen to comprise only buildings, streets, squares and parks. Text and images in public space, branding campaigns, street art, guidance systems, temporary installations, processual and interactive design and cartographic illustrations influence our use, experience and perception of the city, as do signage, urban furnishings, vehicles, infrastructures and the appearance of public facades. The Civic City research project, “Design for the Post-Neoliberal City” addresses these design practices in the light of the escalating crisis of neoliberalism. It looks for design potentials for a social city." - Clipped from Civic City.

This is... you keep your beer cold while staying up all night at school.

Tyler Brûlé

This post is way past due. I went to this event some weeks ago mainly because of Tyler Brûlé. Got some footage of the talk, too. He's talking about the Eurovision Song-contest, broadcasting Norwegian architecture, the Most-Liveable-City Index, Norsk-residence idea and answers an sms-question. I suggest you listen in on this week of The Monocle Weekly and watch the video below.

What Is Architecture?

Architecture Is The Key To Everything

Presenting Opera

Tarald and Kjetil from Snøhetta talks about their Opera project.

Neri Oxman

Google says Neri Oxman taught at the IT-Master's Programme at our school. Probably in collaboration with these guys. Looking at the things she produces, too bad she no longer isn't affiliated with our school. Wonder why she left. She's a blogger too, so have a read. Revolutionary Minds