Bakgård: November 2008              

Busy Bees

Busy in the building hall at night.

Mansilla Tuñon

Mansilla Tuñon won the Mies van der Rohe prize for the MUSAC project.

Architect Gone Wild

Took it upon myself in finding the most suiteable shape for the house. With a set of principles to follow, I made some what hundred mock-up models, and commented each and every one.

Øya Music Festival

Øya Music Festival updates site and profil.

NuNordisk RapBattle`08

Young architecture offices discussing Nordic architecture. Use your red marker and circle Wednesday 7pm. A must see in DogA. Invited to talk:

Mapt (Denmark)
Krads (Denmark/Island)
N55 (Denmark)
Avanto (Finland)
Playa (Finland)
Pushak (Norway)
Fantastic Norway (Norway)


And the results of the much heated debate.

Kjersti Nerseth

Gisle Løkken

Board Member:
Mette Melandsø
Kurt Singstad
Børre Skodvin - 1 year
Dag Spangen
Cecilie Wille
Kjetil Trædal Thorsen - 2 years

Architect's Elect

Much heated debate around who should be the next sitting president of the National Association of Norwegian Architects. A flurry of comments in Bergens Tidende. Here is another article in Aftenposten / Dagens Næringsliv / Bergens Tidene. And some more comments in Arkitektnytt here.


Narud Stokke Wiig updates.


Rintala Eggertsson

Sami and Dagur with a new site.


According to tabloid press up to 400 and 600 architects in Norway will be unemployed come 2009. In other words, very good times for architecture schools.


Tent at Youngstorget. MMW did something similar some years ago.


Wow. Such an architecture this is. More photos here. Link to the office here.


My Model

Kristin Jarmund Architects

Monocle does a feature on the Norwegian Embassy in Kathmandu, Nepal by Kristin Jarmund Architects. Extra info on it here.


Plenty of these plaster models spread around school campus.

Turtagrø Hotel

Swung by this on our tour around Norway. Drawn by Jarmund Vigsnæs Architects.

John Cary

Weld This

We had metal workshop last week with architect and engineer Mitz from Arup. More pictures in our Flickr-account.

Barely Part 2

Exhibiton right now at ROM

Hani Rashid

City In Change

The Norwegian state television channel with their own blog about the city Oslo.

Villa Barack Obama

What if Barack Obama and his family decides to have their very own retreat in Oslo, Norway? Where would it be situated? Who would be the architect? How would it look like? How much money would be spent on the project? The White House is nice. Norway is nicer. Comment!

Floating Cabin

Retire here, thank you. Article here and here.

MIT Visual Arts Program

Found this gem of a site. Look at the rest of the lecture series here. "The MIT Visual Arts Program hosting a series of lecture concerning art, architecture, urbanism and technology.

World Building Of The Year

What: Universita Luigi Bocconi
Where: Milano, Italy
Architects: Grafton Architects, Dublin, Ireland
Award: World Building of the Year

This building snapped the title as World Building of the Year at the World Architecture Festival 2008 in Barcelona. Snøhetta's Opera was also nominated. Read more about it here.

The Public Image(s) of Architecture

Interesting read over at Archinect.

The Prime Minister's Official Residence

Read more about it and see pictures of the interior here.