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This is the lamp on my drawing desk.


Knut Åsdam

There is a black sculpture on the lawn done by Knut. Now you know. The photo is snagged from his site. Nice, eh?

Advert Free City

Such an utopia nowadays.


New Assignment

We are going to draw a little house in a little garden. Haha. I have no idea what the word "kolonihage" is in English. If you guys have an idea what it is, please comment. A family of three is going to live in the house during the summertime and it can not surpass 40 square meters.

The site

The view

How idyllic!

At school working on some ideas

Update: "Kolonihage" is allotment in English. Here is a list of what it is in some other lagnuages
  • Czech: "Zahrádkářské kolonie"
  • Danish: "Kolonihave"
  • Dutch: "Volkstuin"
  • Finnish: "Siirtolapuutarha"
  • French: "Jardins familiaux", "Jardin communautaire"
  • German: "Kleingärten" or "Kolonie" for the group and "Parzelle" for the single, in former times also "Schrebergärten", "Armengärten", "Sozialgärten", "Arbeitergärten", "Rotkreuzgärten", "Eisenbahnergärten" according to the concept of granting
  • Italian: "Orti Sociali"
  • Japanese: "クラインガルテン"
  • Norwegian: "Kolonihage" or "Parsellhager"
  • Polish: "Ogródki działkowe" ot colloquially "działki"
  • Portuguese: "Hortas comunitárias"
  • Russian: "Дача" ("dacha")
  • Spanish: "Huertas comunitarias"
  • Swedish: "Koloniträdgård" or "Kolonilott"
  • Swiss: "Familiengärten", "Jardins familiaux"

If Your Favorite Colour Is Blue, This Is For You

Drawing Class In The Sun

Wednesday we went out to draw at Ekeberg.

Spring Party Saturday 5pm

Here's an entry in Underskog and posters here. For good measure, Saturday 5pm, Saturday 5pm, Saturday 5pm and so forth.

AHO Is Popular

Our school is one of the most popular schools in the country. Architecture is the 4th most popular academic program and AHO is twice as popular as NTNU. More on it here.

We Got Publicity

Read about our pavillion at Dyvekes bro here (Universitas), here (Byggaktuelt) and here (Midt i livet).

The Studio Shoe

We love Kawasaki.

Female Forms

The Guardian, Metropolis, New York Times, ArchSoc and Google. This post offers some links, about the role women have had and continue to have in shaping the history and defining the legacy of modern architecture.

Architects' Dudes

The Guardians' take on architects sense of clothing.

40 Under 40

3RW and A-lab amongst the Laureates. More on it here and here.


This article discusses pros and cons of entering competitions as a means of getting work. You will need an account on NYT to read the article. On another note, here is more on entries that never were realized here.

Set Design

There are qualities in building something temporary. I'll have my reasons for myself. More on set designs in Wallpaper.

Bjarke Ingels Group

My Architect

Arne Quinze

Related: Arne Quinze

Den Norske Opera & Ballett

There is really nothing left to say about the Opera after A LOT of media coverage on it, but for good reason though. It is almost mission impossible to take a bad shot of it, especially on a nice sunny day. Love how people use it as their backyard, eating fast food there (really) and letting their kids run loose. We didn't get to go inside the building because of some fancy thing, but we'll be back! Something funny, we could see our pavillion from the Opera roof.

Opening Success

Check out the next issue of Universitas for an article about our project! Don't forget to take a stroll to Gamlebyen and see our pavillion with your own eyes. See more photos here.


Bryghus Project

Architecture Clips

Here's a list of some architecture clips.

e2 design
The Marlin
The Case Of The Disappearing Architect
Magnetic North episode I
Magnetic North episode II


Two nice videos on OMA's villa in Paris. More on it here. Parlez-vous français?

Part I

Part II

Opening Tomorrow

Tomorrow 4pm at Dyvekes bro is the opening of our studio's medieval pavillion. Wine in plastic cups and the city mayor. How can you miss it?


I like boxes. Do you like boxes? Listen in on Ryue (one-half of SANAA) talk about their boxes erected down town New York in Josefinesgate 34 on Friday at 6pm. This event is a nice one, as OAF is selling Japanese beer in the bar. Nice interview of the two principals in Designboom. If you cant make it to the evening lecture, Ryue is having an open lecture at our school Thursdag at 1pm.

Wine Pub

Bakgård Info

We would just like to remind you all that you can use our new url For those of you who don't know, you don't have to have a blogger account to leave us comments! Bakgård likes comments by the way. Keep them comming. Thanks!

Bakgård Mixtape #1

Click here to listen.

Foam City

Full screen, please. Thank you.

Dyvekes Bro Friday 4PM

Remember the heading. Our class is constructing an excuse for you to come out and join our shindig over at Gamlebyen. Here's a stack of photos and here's an entry in the school forum and in Underskog. For safe measure, Dyvekes bro Friday 4pm. Now you know it.