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Pritzker Prize

Jean Nouvel of France becomes the 2008 Pritzker Architecture Prize Laureate. Jean is putting some money in his pocket and swinging his very own bronze medallion. Amongst other Scandinavian Laureates there's a Dane and a Norwegian, however no Swede.


Come late April we should be finishing constructing a pavilion 1:1. Students at the London Metropolitan University School of Architecture made a pavilion. Read more about it in the Icon Blog.

Bicycles Of Copenhagen Part Deux

The red one is my favorite. Which is yours?

Blue Yellow Red


I Need An Architect

Click on the image for a larger view.


Did something go wrong here? Maybe they ran out of bricks. At least it caught Pierre's eye.

What Pierre's camera captured

Sverre Fehn

This guy...

Made this...

Inside the building...

A model of things he made...

Another model...

Saw clips from TV about him...

Met classmates...

Signing out...

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Caps-lock on. ARCHITECTURE STUDENTS FREE. Caps-lock off.

Nice knowing that studying architecture pays off. Too bad this sign was in Denmark, and not Norway.

Helen & Hard

Siv spent her friday talking to us about re-use within architecture. Co-principal in the Stavanger-based architecture office Helen & Hard, graduated from AHO in 1994 and apparently speaks five languages.

Mustard Paint

We'll slab on the rest of our mustard paint on the facade, there's some un-opened buckets in the garage, said the contractor to the painter.


Threw down pins at Oslo bowling

DDC | Dansk Design Center

We also went to Danish Design Center in Copenhagen. They had a collection of old classics like the ant chair from Arne Jacobsen and some new design.

DAC | Dansk Arkitektur Center

The second day in Copenhagen we went to DAC and enjoyed ourselves with an exhibition and books.

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Oh no!!

Sad news, you guys! Amelie and Lucien had to pack up their things and leave us for a better place

Doors Of Copenhagen

Manager Mark

Amongst many things, this is something I aspire to do when I finish my degree. Organising rooms for exhibitions. Mark sounds like a grounded and sound guy. "(...) Work shines when design is minimized". Amazing stuff this.

Bicycles Of Copenhagen

Day One Copenhagen

We are back in Oslo (and it is snowing). Tired and happy! Copenhagen was great (and cold). Took a lot of pictures. I'll upload them asap. Here are some pics from the first day. We just randomly walked around and ended up in a part of Copenhagen that has been rebuild the last 10 years.

Hooray For Copenhagen

Bloging live from the architect museum in Copenhagen. Pierre is enjoying himself in the museum book store. Yesterday was a great day. We walk all day long and took a lot of pictures. It's raining today, but we have fun anyways. Got to go now, I'm in need of some hot chocolate.

Back soon!

We are off to Copenhagen in about ten hours. Hoping for sunshine and great architecture. Pictures will be taken. Enjoy easter!