Bakgård: February 2011              

Sun // Snow

Røros at -25 degrees celsius


Hedda and Camilla are living in Tokyo and this is just a part of their project from last semester.

Way Up There

The skyscraper course is going to Chicago this week. Have fun you guys!


Study of Strusshamn by Eriksen Skajaa Architects in collaboration
with Bjørbekk og Lindheim Landscape Architects. More info here.

Residential alternative

Harbor visualization by MIR

Mixed alternative (commercial and residential)

In The Mind Of A Genius

A 35 minute long video directed by Kanye West himself.

Trient In The 21st Century

The 32 students' projects, alongside a large model displaying all the projects in the Trient valley landscape, will be on display at La Salle Communale de Trient, Valais from 4 - 27 February 2011.
The exhibition is curated by assistant professor Neven Fuchs-Mikac with the help of students Elisabeth Berntsen, Ingunn Nordlie og Saulius Bulavas.

Read more here and here. View some of the projects below and see them all here.

Base for Climbers, a Place for Food by Cristoph Feinweber

Bob Learning Center by Iver Berg Blomsøy

Watch Center by Oda Ellensdatter Solberg

Botanical Injections and Architectural Transplants by Hans-Kristian Hagen

Call Center and Greenhouse by Daniel Jernlif

Seasonal Living by Yuichiro Onuma

Cheese Factory by Elisabeth Schjelderup Berntsen

Food and Accomodation in an Alpine Tower by Ingunn Marie Berg-Nordlie


Participate in a national architecture competition against fellow students in the fields of art and architecture on a given site. A challenging and intensive 120 hours time limit.
Idividual or team. Sign up here.

Masu Planning

Guest lecture with Masu Planning on Thursday the 17th at 1 PM. Show up at AHO's large auditorium.


We went to The National Archive of Norway today. Saw some very old drawings. Nice!

Up In Smoke

When some students at AHO get tired of their models they burn them.

Framing View

Joachim Haug's B3 project from last semester