Bakgård: May 2008              

Bakgård Goes To Rome

We are off to Rome in about five hours. Maybe we'll have time to blog or maybe we'll just drink wine.

Kill Time

Carina told me about THIS site!

I Got Balloons! (Yes, Again)

Still Standing

Our pavilion at Dyvekes Bro still looks pretty good! If you haven't seen it, be sure to stop by before the 1st of June. As you can see, my good friend Thea was a big fan.

Opera Details

Asplan Viak Party

Asplan Viak opened Arkitekturverkstedet i Oslo (AVO) a few years ago in the same building as our school, but the opening party was on thursday. There was wine, beer and hot dogs.

Feel Like Playing?


Our final crit this semester was on thursday. Sami, Sissil and Eivind was there to give us feedback.

My project

Still Dead

Rome Is 5 Days Away

We are finishing our semester project. Crit will be on Thursday. Lots do to.


I really like Lovisa Burfitt's illustrations. See them all at her website.

Norway's National Day

Yesterday, the 17th of May, was Norway's National Day, hooray for us! We had breakfast at Stian and Elisabeth's place. It was a bit cold outside, but we had fun anyways. Hipp hipp hurra!

Julien de Smedt Interview


Visit for some nice color sheets. It's kinda cool, but what is it?

12 Days To Go

Dattera Til Hagen

Daniel Berlin

This is the amazing video by Daniel Berlin (2nd year architecture at AHO). He won the impulse competition at vårfesten.

Wall Art II

Wood Wood

Seen beside Akerselva.

Trojh Vulcan x Freudian Kicks

Scheming endeavours by classmate Tron and his buddy of Trojh Vulcan. Moreover, Freudian Kicks promises music and drinks while cutting 20% off their jackets. A no brainer. 8pm onwards, Thursday 15th. Now you know.

Sky Is The Limit

Sunday Market At Blå

I bought a pair of bright pink earrings from the 70's. Pierre just had a look around. By the way, the exhibiton below is from Blå too.