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Empty swimming pools are nice pieces of architecture.

Emerging Norwegian Architects

The Architectural Foundation launched a program promoting emerging Norwegian architects in the UK. Introduced by Elias Redstone, three firms were having a go at it, namely AtelierOslo, Haugen/Zohar and Pushak.


Posts have been a bit slow this month. Sorry for that. Only thing on my mind is this.

Basic 10.1

An industrialized prototype for a growing house by Herreros Arquitectos. Click here for photos and text.

Moss Your City

Sissil Morseth Gromholt, my former first-year teacher and one of four owners of Pushak, contributed to the International Architecture Showcase organised by the British Council and The Architecture Foundation for the London Festival of Architecture 2010. The festival is finished, however the installation is still open to the public until August 6th. Photo by Elisa Redstone.

Architecture & Journalism

Came over this article about how journalists critique architecture in the Norwegian popular press. It's old but still relevant. Read three other articles, here and here and here, discussing the theme in a world wide context.

Stone Towers

This video is actually not that bad. Its edited really nice, the music and video somehow fits together and the graphics aren't too corny looking either. Its of a real estate development in Egypt by Zaha Hadid Architects.

Soda Pop

I want to do architecture for people like him in the video.

Pole Dance

Architects Florian Idenburg and Jing Liu of SO - IL recently set up their playful proposal at MoMA PS1. Read an interview about it in NYmag here and look at photos by Iwan Baan here. They even made a site were you interact with the installation. Make sure you watch the video below. Its great. Really.

Be Palettø

Love it when I see architecture students get together and simply create something. The structure are done by students from the Aarhus School of Architecture. Check their blogspot for proper credits and photos.

Tower Running

Join the latest fad - tower running. Interesting how the urban environment alters our way of living. Here's an article about tower running from the Guardian.

Have A Nice Summer!

We are off to Stockholm.

Wood Pavilion

Architecture students Wing Yi Hui and Lap Ming Wong made a domed latticed pavilion as part of a performance-oriented design course at our school. The project is featured in Dezeen, so check it out here for more text, diagrams and pictures of both the process and structure.

Table Clips

Wouldn't want to trip, so a nice quick fix for organizing your cables.