Bakgård: October 2008              

The Architect In Fiction

A selection of books where an architect is the main character in the plot. Click here to read.

Plasma Studio

A flick on Plasma Studio, one of the firms competing to build Deichmanske Library.

Building Models

Black Is The New Black

Yes, my banana is old.


Un-building is as much an architectural act as to build. To not build would also be an architectural act.

Architectural Skate

Make a cup of coffee. Find a chair. Snug in. Enjoy. Its a skateboard video.

Kaiser Cheifs' Architecture


Code update their site.


Found this here, Stig's Dobpler project.


The folks over at Sony are at it again.

Body Navigation

Danish Recoil Performance Group up to some interactivities. Some good sturdy Prossesing coupled up with a dance group make them an interesting addition to all the code-crews Bakgård have come across so far on the Internet.

Kabul Skating

Skateboarders are one of the most adaptable user groups of the urban built environment. Interesting read about skating in Afghanistan here. Did a post on skateboarders and architects a while ago here. Beneath are visuals from the article.

Joshua Talks

The guy holding the blue foam model talks about what architects need in designing a public building. Click here to listen.

Opera Video

I know... Here comes yet another post about the Opera. If you have an hour to kill, here's a link to a documentary NRK made about the whole process of builiding the Opera. Watch which problems they had to solve and what music looks like in the form of concrete.

Metal Wave

Metal works at school by first year students.

N House

More photos of Sou's N House. Photos clipped from here. Some recent posts on him in Bakgård here.

Featuring Deichmanske Munch & Stenersen

Hav Eiendom AS presents a new museum and a new library along the Oslo waterfront. The following cast:

Munch Museum with Stenersen Collection, invited:

Tadao Ando – Japan
Zaha Hadid Architects – England
Abalos Herreros Arquitectos – Spain
Foreign Office - Spain / England
Tony Fretton Architects – England
Gigon Guyer Architekten – Switzerland
REX Architects – USA
Henning Larsen Tegnestue – Denmark
Kristin Jarmund Arkitekter – Norway
CODE Arkitektur – Norway

Munch Museum with Stenersen Collection, pre-qualified:

NONAME 29 – Spain
Heneghan Peng Architects – Ireland
Nieto Sobejano – Spain
Diller Scofido Renfro – USA
Kengo Kuma Associates – Japan / France
ALA – Finland
Christ Gantenbein Architects & Lie Øyen Arkitekter – Switzerland / Norway
Sauerbruch Hutton – Germany
Ghilardi Hellsten Arkitekter – Norway
Manuelle Gautrand Architecture – France

Deichmanske Library, invited:

Toyo Ito – Japan
Xaveer de Geyter Architects – Belgium
Wiel Arets Architects – Netherland
Lacaton Vassal Architectes – France
Smidt Hammer Lassen – Denmark
David Chipperfield Architects – England. Local architect: DivA Architects - Norway
Behnisch Architekten – Germany
LAR / Fernando Romero – Mexico
Snøhetta – Norway
A-lab – Norway

Deichmanske Library, pre-qualified:

Allmann Sattler Wappner Architekten – Germany
Morger Dettli Architekten – Switzerland
SeARCH – Netherland
Sou Fujimoto, ADEPT – Japan / Denmark
Lund Hagem Arkitekter, Atelier Oslo – Norway
Team 3 AS – Jensen Skodvin Arkitektkontor AS, Arne Henriksen Arkitekter
AS, Arkitekt Carl Viggo Hølmebakk – Norway
Plasma Studio – Argentina / Germany / England / Italy
70* nord & Dahl og Uhre Arkitekter – Norway
Lundgaard Tranberg Arkitekter AS – Denmark
Kister Scheithauer Gross Architekten und stadtplaner – Germany

Note To School

Have architecture students think green design. More on it here.

Wood Galore

More wood works scattered around school campus.

Little Paper Planes

In need of some art? Order it here. Lots to choose from.


More models at campus.

Frei Otto Sketches And Models

Bakgård needs suggestions for construction.

Flores and Prats Arquitectes

Four-day long workshop with Flores and Prats Arquitectes. Here is a quick note on them in Wallpaper.

Wood Works

More wood works keep popping around school campus. First year students experimenting and learning about materials. Here is a wooden spider. Turned out pretty nice on photo, so its dedicated a post of its own. More works coming up.