Bakgård: May 2009              

Jean Philippe Vassal

The Lazy Dog

Nice shop in the 11th arrondissement in Paris. Buy books, clothes, toys or posters in their webshop.

Hard Working Students

From last crit

Tired students looking forward to summer vacation

AJ's section detail

Jan Kempenaers

More of it here.

Charles Des Gaulles

This one is in need of a renovation. I like the futuristic feeling.

Hubert Blanz

Enjoying this collage of urban scenery alot. Make sure you look at Hubert Blanzs other series, too.

House Move


Kunstakademiet's bachelor class is having an exhibition of their work at Stenersenmuseet. Opening today, saturday the 23th, at 1PM. More on it here.

Random Info

I have not been blogging lately because my MacBook crashed and Eplebutikken refused to fix it. After waiting for three weeks I might get it back tomorrow. I need it for school too, so it really makes me frustrated. That's all.


They will bring you attention. You will bring them riches. Everything you need to know about hiring a Starchitect. Read it here.

Lego Architecture

New Lego-set out soon.

Très Bien Renovation

The renovation process of a store.

Luna's Diner

Visit Luna's Diner if you are going to Copenhagen. Classic diner food.


The building trade is struggling, yet architecture courses are more popular than ever before. It makes perfect sense. Why is it so?

Featured Job

Recently announced that the position for heading our school is up for grabs. Come 2010 there should be a new rector in place. Who would you want as rector for AHO? Make sure you check in on Bakgård every now and then for more news on this.

Andrés Jaque

AHO Style

Carousel stoppet by our school and took some pictures of AHO students for their lookbook. More pictures here.