Bakgård: January 2009              

Education Fair

Promoting our school at the education fair. The kids were excited!


We have a new semester project at school. Our site is situated at Nordhavnen in Copenhagen, Denmark. 70°N and Dahl & Uhre won the 1st prize in Nordhavnen Open International Ideas Competition. In their winning proposal our teacher gave us three plots to choose from. Read more about it here.

Doors of Røros

Della Valle Bernheimer


According to VG our school is recieving 500 thousand kroner to rebuild for. Don't know what the school administration is spending it on. Would be nice with more storage rooms.

Hillman Curtis

Hipster Haters

What did you do to get such an awesome quirky Japanese girlfriend?

Hipster Olympics

Deleted scenes from Hipster Olympics

Writing About Architecture

On February the 7th The Literature House is having a lecture on how to write about architecture. We will be taking notes. Hope to see you all there.

Boom Box

Media architects Exyzt made this. Here is a video.


I spent my weekend at Røros. The small mining town is located 600 meters above sea level and is on the Unesco World Heritage List. The temperature was -25 degrees celcius (-13 degrees fahnrenheit).

Terry Richardson

Fasten Your Seatbelt

Flight routes in world over the course of a single day.

City Bikes

Wouldn't mind Samferdselsetaten upgrading our city bikes, for example to a, now hold your breath, Brooklyn Machine Works' Gangsta Track framesets.

Or a Dane on wheels.

Some related links: Orange 20 Bikes, Box Dog Bikes, Selandia, NY Times

Bureau Detours

Exhibition today. January 15th 7PM at DogA. More on it in Norsk Form's blog.

Aker Brygge


Been meaning to workout this year, but haven't come around doing it. Maybe next year. The clip underneath is of people working out outdoors. Interesting use of urban spaces. Like the guys in the video your body turns out ripped.

Harbour Pools

Looking at these orto-photos made me miss Sydney a lot.

Mountain Lodge

Wallpaper with a short write-up. House by Helen & Hard.

Aakash Nihalani

Night Table

A night table by classmate Bård. The legs are of an old stool, the plank picked up here and free scraps of lexan make up the table top.

Terunobu Fujimori Tree House

Anti Seat Back

How to prevent motherfuckers from putting their seats back. Click here to watch clip.

Asylum Centre At Bolteløkka


Push Push

Safari is one of my favorite programs. Watch their special about Pushwagner here.

Celebration Time

Our blog is 1 year old today. Hip hip hooray! We have blogged 831 posts. We hope 2009 will be a good blog year as well.

Arkitekturverkstedet i Oslo

AVO updates their site.

Richard Galpin

So rich in spatial qualities. More of it here.

Buildings Learn

This short talks about what happens to a building when it is occupied.

Gingerbread Tent

Guess The Architect

Which architect does he remind you of? The winner will receive a lollipop.

Architect Sacked

Scary reading here.

Archinect Predicts '09

Read it all here.