Bakgård: April 2010              

As Built

Come today to the launch of the book series As Built. More info here.

Architecture Trends

Nifty. Read about them here, so you know how they came about selecting projects.

Show Me The Money

Nice post about interns working for free over at the Archi-hell blog.

AHO Spring Party 2010

Head over to the annual party at our school. An old habit I cultivate with much gusto. Circle it in your calendars, May 1st. More here.

Al Manakh: Gulf Continued

OMA AMO have a vimeo-account. Check it out.


Kvarterhuset is a local culture house in Copenhagen and opened in 2001. Architects: Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter. More photos here.

Valerio Olgiati

The general message here would be to have an idea, a concept or theme before you start working.


Spekter did an episode about the ugly side of Norway. Professor Lars Haukeland from AHO was on the show and talked about Galleri Oslo. Watch it here.

Construction Vocabulary

Architects and construction workers should have the same lingo. Great post over at Build Blog.

Peter Zumthor

Peter has a friend, and she likes tango.

Connecting People

Connect with The Oslo School of Architecture and Design through Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. About time our school officially got wired with the Internet, and from the looks of it more things will be added to the page.

Architectural Education

A crisis in architectural education is brewing. Read about it over at DesignObserver.

Drawings Of Sverre Ødegård

We went to an exhibiton about Sverre Ødegaards work at Røros in February. More info here.