Bakgård: February 2009              

Brit Insurance Design

The opera house keeps stacking up on the awards. It recently won the architecture category at this years Brit Insurance Design Awards. Three weeks from now there will be another ceremony marking the overall winner of the seven categories represented in the BIDA. An award for an award? Go figure.

TTCV Aftermath

Watch the entire set here.

Talking Architecture

Håkon from JVA is talking about the Oslo Opera. This friday at the school pub 14:30PM.

70's Pub

70's theme at the school pub this Thursday.

David Adjaye

David is back in town and will have a talk at The Nobel Peace Center 7PM.

Camilla Løw & Nils Bech

Camilla Løw showing art work and Nils Bech singing this Wednesday at 12PM at our school gallery.


Sverre Fehn, the great Norwegian architect, died monday the 24th of February. Rest in peace. Read more about it here.

Björn Börkur Eiríksson

Lots of atmosphere. More of it here.

Bedford Press x Maridalen Trykk

The Architectural Association set up their own print shop last year called Bedford Press, a small-scale printing press and publisher within their school, and together with the AA Print Studio will publish all printed materials. The print shop is runned by Zak Kyes, Wayne Daly, Claire McManus and Phill Clatworthy.

Our school should have an entity like this, say a sort of Maridalen Trykk, playing a pro-active role in coordinating, designing and publishing the scools academic output, broadcasting it to anyone out there.

Studio Paparazzi

Cool Kathinka enjoying her chorizo sandwich

Cute Carina

Jan, a happy Camilla and Dag

Group meeting

Architectural Inspiration

Follow the link here.

AA Bookshop

Pictures of the new AA Bookshop from their blog. I wish our school had a bookshop.

Norwegian Customs

Every now and then the Norwegian Customs sets up tent not far away from our school, just around the corner actually. So, some mornings on our way to class we see this.

Bjarke Ingels On The Number Eight

False Architectural Terms

This week the first years at the AA are working on a text project. They are creating a dictionary of false architectural terms. Pixels from the AA-blog.

Nils Bech Curious Love

Sigrid made a post on her blog about this music video. Our beautiful classmate Iselin is featured in it.

OAF Yearly Round-Up

Two months due with this one. Peter sums up 2008.

Graduate Diploma Party

Nice people at school threw down a shindig for the graduate diploma students at the school pub. The architecture graduates recieved helmets and the industrial design graduates a caliper. Cheap champagne, beer and wine, colour balloons and fast food, all ingredients for hosting a party.

Graduate Diploma Ceremony

A week ago, the whole bunch gathered in the auditorium to mark the handing out of diplomas to the graduate students. Free food and beverages were served immediately after the ceremony. Two reasons to attend.

Rector fronting AHO's traditional robe.

Beate gave a speech, as well.

Awards, Bjarke And Fire Alarm

Awards were handed out, Bjarke Ingels had a talk, fire alarm started. Pretty much sums up that night at OAF. The entire hall was crammed with people.

Bjarke preaching to the ceremony.

His psalm, "Yes is more".

The band rigging their gear in the mezzanine before the event.


This poster caught my eye. It had nice aesthetics. A closer look at it revealed it was about Europan10, an event that every second year organises an open architecture competition for architects under 40. Lots of interesting things get nailed to the walls in our studio.

Group Work

Our studio teachers divided us in three groups, each disucssing strategies for Nordhavnen. These are photos from one of the groups. This group ended up with 6 different proposals.

Extracurricular Activities

As a follow up to this post, 70°N and Dahl & Uhre asks our class to contribute to phase 2 of Nordhavnen. A handful students in our class together with a studio teacher will contribute with material discussing strategies on how to incorporate the surrounding harbour areas and green parks with the urban fabric.

Marius presenting the new task.

Some guys considering joining.

Some more guys considering.

Canteen Food

Every weekday the canteen food is cooked ten miles from our school, then put in plastic bags and driven to our school. The school canteen recieve different meals each day, although looking the same every day. For a mere 30-40 kroners, this is what you get. Sebastian showing some love.


Winter Wonderland

Lots of snow in Oslo right now. I got a new camera, Nikon D90. Hopefully the pictures on the blog will get better from now on.