Bakgård: August 2009              

Bus Trip To Moss

On Thursday and Wednesday last week we went on a bus trip to Moss and the Østfold-region. Will post photos of buildings in another post. Like really soon.

Our ride for the day. Lean back.

Pit-stop Fornebu. Entire area is fucked up. Seriously. Lagging big time.

Pit-stop Drammen. Surprised us. School, shops, housing, fancy bridge. The works.

The Ypsilon bridge by Professor Arne Eggen

Papirbredden by LPO Architects

Inside Papirbredden

Outside Papirbredden.

We took the ferry from Horten to Moss

Chillin' like Bob Dylan.

Boss. Leader of the pack. Whatever. Nice view.

In case you needed one. Your very own cell phone charger on board. I'm tellin' you, Moss is way ahead of us. Some one should set up shop and install a couple of these in Oslo. High tech. Old tech. Insert coin.

Don't mind the traffic. We run this town.

Arriving Moss

Erik brought his very own add-on lens. Joachim best belive it.

Pit-stop somewhere near Rygge. Last stop. Frisky stuff. Beer 70 kroner. Not so frisky.

Tron for the win!

View on the way back home. Oslo we dig.

White Bricks

McDonalds on the roof.

Behind the Opera.