Bakgård: January 2011              

Urban Void

My B3 project from last semester


Visit the website here.

Bergen On Fire

Håkon & Haffners Byggeklosser episode 1, watch it here.

Diploma Party

Jürgen Mayer H Lecture

Lecture with Jürgen Mayer H February 1st, 6 PM at the annual Kinnarpsmessen in Lillestrøm. The lecture is free and open to the public but prior RSVP is requested. More info here.

Launch Party

Just came home from the launch party for Håkon & Haffners byggeklosser at Internationalen. Great!


Remember the first episode of Håkon and Haffners byggeklosser tonight at 10:30 PM at NRK!
Launch party at Internationalen tonight also.

AHO Diploma Week

This week it's time for diploma reviews. Stop by and see
Norway's up and coming architects and designers.

Something Fantastic

We went to the Something Fanstastic lecture last night.
Great turn out! Thanks to Snøhetta for hosting it.

Arkitektnytt Blog

Different people writing every week. Check it out here!

Ai Weiwei

This is a must read for everyone who is going to Beijing this semester.
And yes, they mention AHO. Cool! Get more info about Ai Weiwei here.

Year Of Architecture

NAL is 100 years old this year and is celebrating big time. Follow the calendar here.

Small Spaces

Watch the documentary Tokyo: Living Small In The Big City at NRK.

Happy Birthday To Bakgård!

The blog is 3 years old today. Hooray! Have a piece of cake for us.

Rebecca In Valpariso

Read her blog!

Sverre Fehn Interview

Great interview with Sverre Fehn on Abitare. Read it here.