Bakgård: August 2008              

Norwegian Cool

Françoise plucked this one from the shelf in the school library. The Opera House on yet another cover.

Politics And The Built Environment

80 000 packed in a football arena in Denver. Its the scene of senator Obama accepting the Democratic Party presidential nomination. Bakgård is stunned of its sheer size when comparing the political campaign in the U.S. to ours in Norway.



Peaceful Gressholmen

Tram Lines

P3 Sessions

I just came home from P3 Sessions. It was so much fun! Madcon, Real Ones and Thomas Dybdahl were my favorites. Watch all the concerts here.

Graduate School Of Round Glasses

Commencement at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Count the number of round glasses on the graduate students. More photos here. Here's another one, as well.

Skateboarders And Architects

A skateboarder's guide to architecture or an architect's guide to skateboarding. Read the article here.

Hung Up

Wooden shed in Taylors Falls, Minnesota.


We welcomed our freshmen by throwing them a party. They got wet, had some fun and drank a few beers. We had fun as well. More pics here.


Birdy & Me

Nice drawings of models and pretty girls. More here.

Problem Solvers

"Architects and planners are by professional inclination both practical-minded and utopian." "The long-term results of their efforts, however, are typically ambiguous, yielding new problems on top of solutions." Interesting read over at NY Times.

Word Cloud

An accumulation of words drawn from Bakgård.

Orange Grey And White

The Oslo School of Architecture and Design updates site.


Make a cup of tea. Sit down. Snug in. About 40 minutes of architecture babble. Jeffrey and Benedict talks about C-Lab, Columbia GSAPP, Volume, etc..

School Is Definitely Back

Bookmark Us

As stated in the title, bookmark us! And while we're at it. Bakgård is sending out some thank yous. Linkage from around and about.

Things Magazine
70°N Arkitektur / blog

Bricks Galore

Mentioned some posts ago, the National Aquatic Centre by Australian architects PTW. This is a Lego model of the water cube by Hong Kong Lego making tag-team HKLUG.


Element updates their site.

Echo Pavilion

A short video of our Echo pavilion from last semester.

Some photos, as well. More of them here.

Movies & Popcorn

AHO Film will soon be showing movies in the little auditorium. Keep reading the blog for more updates.

First School Assignment

Site: Gressholmen

Task: 12-14 temporary dwellings accomodating 4 people fixed with necessary ammenites. Toilets and water are to be gathered from a central unit on the island. People rent these units. The dwellings are to be taken down after a couple of years in use.

The ferry leaves tomorrow at 1:35pm. Bakgård got their boat passes in order.

Architect Necklaces

Lace your neck with a pair of architect glasses. A joint venture by Maria and Andreas called Miniatyr. No website up yet, however here is a link to an article.

AHO On The Top

Read this.