Bakgård: September 2008              

Sou Fujimoto

Sou is having a lecture at the Oslo Architectural Association. Its free, so swing by. More info here.

Vincent de Rijk

"...the most well known architectural model makers in Europe". Read the article in its entirety here.

Synecdothe, New York

Check out the hall where the theatre piece is set. Holy lord. An interesting film judging by its cast.

Air Forest

Remember this Korean? Did a post on him some weeks ago. Here is a recent project.

Architecture Stripped Bare

Nudes from the Venice Architecture Biennale. Watch it here.

Next Generation House

A cube 4x4x4 meters in Japan by Sou.

Rock Star Architects

Our class is off touring Norway for a week, trying to figure out of what is Norwegian culture, landscape and architecture. Click the map for a larger view for touring details.

Ingels Interview

An interview with pizza delivery boy Bjarke. Click here.

Ryue Nishizawa

Bakgård recorded the entire session with Ryue Nishizawa, half-part of SANAA, at Oslo Architecture Association. Talks on how partnering up with Kazuyo Sejima came about, as well as about his methods. An hours worth of architecture talk here. Press play.


Red and blue architects Tezuka had to be the nicest of the entire OAF lecture series. The pair handed out a dozen of their new catalogue for free, and signed. We have some posts on them in the archive. Here are two clips from Designboom.


What are ethics in architecture?

Do you have any advice for the young architect?

Architect Of Change

If not a president, then an architect.

Pen Work

Serious pen work by Juan.

Nydalen Metro Station

The most interesting metro station in Norway.

Biennale Architecture

Reports of 30 degrees in Venezia makes it somewhat nice staying put in Oslo. Underneath is a shot from the festivities. Photo by Ai Weiwei. More of them here.

Rem Cool House

Seattle Public Library is four years old. And on that note, I'll leave you with this. An interview with Rem.


Aftenposten talks to our former history teacher Thomas. Read the interview here.


Funniest architecture video to date. This sketch pretty much sums up the business of what is architecture culture. A must see.

Autumn Exhibition

House Move

Tuesday is deadline day. Project Gressholmen needs to be done. More pixels after final critiques are done. As a concept, what I have done is place my house on wheels. I'll leave you with this video.

Cities At Night


The smaller the better. More on it here.


Nice flickr-set here of the CCTV in Beijing.

Mass Studies

Seen these photos before? Minsuk was project architect on these and had a lecture at Norsk Form some months ago. Photo clipped from Designboom. Read the article in its whole here and lastly, three clips for you.

What are you reading?

What project has been the most satisfying?

What advice would you give to young architects?

Glowing Houses

We went out on saturday night and passed this. It's a part of the BiP project Pierre blogged about in August.

Zaha Hadid

An article about Zaha. Another interesting article about what she is up against in the field of architecture.


Why waste your time on 3D Studio Max, Archicad, Rhino, Autocad or whatever there is, when we have SketchUp. Free of charge. And compatible with Photoshop, Illustrator, and all other programs mentioned. Super handy for those quick sketches in 3D.

New iPod Nano

I need one of these. Quick. More on it here.

Reverse Graffiti

Apparently, politicians argue this as troublsome.

Statement Architecture

Hundreds of poles surrounding the U.S. embassy in Oslo, Norway.

Toilet Paper

Industrial design students enhancing already existing symbols. Like the toilet sign, for instance.