Bakgård: November 2009              

4 Light Discussions

Talks, presentations and awards. Of all the series Christian Hermansen has curated, this one would be the one I look most forward to. Starting line-up: Karl Otto Ellefsen, Rolf Gerstlauer, Jan Gunnar Skjeldsøy, Dagur Eggertson, Nils Ole Bae Brandtzæg, Thomas McQuillan and Torgeir Øverås.

Herzog and Eisenman Talks

Jacques Herzog and Peter Eisenman talks at the GSD. Its set in an unformal atmosphere and it makes for some fun viewing. Oh we do like our daily dose of architecture ramblings here at Bakgård.

Benedetta Tagliabue

China According To China

Winter Wonderland

Make sure you have a ticket to the AHO Christmas Party. Go get yours. PS: Only for students and employees at AHO.

Winka Dubbeldam

Really enjoy these podcasts from GSD. This one of Winka Dubbeldam of Archi-Tectonics.

Productive Dystopia

Joshua Authoring-Process

Joshua Prince-Ramus stresses a method of designing a process, rather than an outcome with the agenda to challenge typologi. Photo below shows Joshua authoring some chick. Nice process.


He's on site signing the book at the moment.

Rem Koolhaas Turns 65

Balloons and cakes. Mr Cool House turned 65 last week. Ray-ban fits him. A bit suave. A bit rain man-ish. Listen in on his lecture at Columbia about preservation. Or listen to another talk at the GSD here. Picture below penned by Klaus.

Barcelona Facades

Warp 20

Well, this one is more of a music video rather than architecture. However, it's recycled here because of all the nice cityscapes and city life caught on film. Even some nice motion design in it too. Have a watch. Have a listen. Push play.

Norway Beats France. And USA.

Wonder what architecture might arise from our social and political climate in Norway?

Madelon Vriesendor

Shumon Basar talks with Madelon Vriesendorp.

Svein Hatløy

Quite like the idea of giving an honorary award to a rector of an architecture school. Svein Hatløy is rector at Bergen School of Architecture. Also like the jury's reasons for giving it, too. Make sure you click here and see what nice overall he sported during the ceremony.

Conditions Magazine

Conditions Magazine is out with a call for submission for their issue #3 themed Glamorous Compromise. Deadline for abstracts is week 47. Deadline for final submissions is week 50. Ideas and abstracts forward to:

Copy and pasted from the site; "With all the different actors needed to erect a building the architect always has to enter into a dialogue. The end result will be a compromise, whether you like it or not. A compromise is understood as a concept of finding agreement through communication, through a mutual acceptance of terms—often involving variations or aberration from an original goal or desire. Some architects may understand compromise as a capitulation, referring to a “surrender” of objectives, principles, or material, in the process of negotiating an agreement. Is “compromise” an agreement that no party is really satisfied with? Or is the compromise, in many cases, the most appropriate answer? An increasing number of young architects tend to compromise their beliefs, their health, their social life. Work long hours to endure in the so called world of architecture, where fame and media define who is going to be the next star architect. How much do you need to compromise in order to belong to this glamorous world? Glamour denotes luxury and elegance, creating an impression of attraction and fascination, an impression which is better than reality."

Félix Buschinger

Félix Buschinger from school invites you to his récital. He said it best; a sweet distraction deep in the rush of the ending semester.

Icon Minds

For those who like videos of designers and architects ramble.

Scan Processor Studies

Kårk Magazine

Kårk Magazine is out with a call for contribution for their up-coming issue Borderland. So to any students in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland or Finland studying architecture, forward your contribution to by December 4th.

"On the line between two countries. In the door opening between inside and outside. A dream between awake and asleep. The field between two professions. Between two defined borders is a place we want to explore in the next issue of KÅRK. We have choosen to call it Borderland."

Olympic Stadium Barcelona

Pidgeons mostly use the pool.

View on our way to the stadium.

The church.

Jiang Jun

Has to be one of China's most informed figure adressing the current state of China. Golden material from 0300tv.

Face Hunter In Asia

A few pictures from Yvan Rodic's visual diary. More here.

Architectural Apps

'Two architectural designers have built a new app that uses GPS technology to explore how mobile media can deepen and intensify urban experience'. Can someone in Oslo please do this in Oslo before I do Oslo with this? Money in the bank.

AHO By Night

The Pavilion

We visited this pavilion by Mies van der Rohe in Barcelona late September. More posts about the pavilion here and here.