Bakgård: March 2009              

Everyday Sketches

Explaining to yourself how the different rooms relate to each other and with the overall surroundings - time consuming stuff, this. Its hard to come about a convincing scheme.

Preikestol Mountain Lodge


An architect is responsible for many different types of documents. Sketches, perspectives, diagrams, details, plans and what not. Work documents for example, that entrepreneurs use to supervise a building process, are one of those types of documents. Snap-shots during a class on work documents.

OAF Newsletter

Read it here.

Talking Architecture

Dahle on Holl

Vanishing Concepts: Stretto House

Friday 3 April at 14:30

AHO Student Pub

Sketches And Skeleton

Long time we had a decent drawing class at school.

Letter From Norway

Text about what Wallpaper Magazine consider as good Norwegian architecture. Represented in the article are projects by offices based in Oslo, Stavanger, Tromsø and Trondheim. Read the article here and look at a slideshow here.

Mark Wigley

Outdated Education

Read the article here.

Rollei 35 Camera

Say hello to Richard's little friend, Rollei. More on it at The Rollei Club.


Looking at the winning proposal for the new Munch Museum, Helle in our class pointed out something interesting. Woermann to the right and Munch to the left. Go figure.

Chen House

Marco collaborated a lot with Sami, our former teacher at school. Here's a house Marco finished recently. More on him here and his works here.

Election Day

We needed a representative for our class. Had an election. Here's the result.

Sverre Fehn Bill

We think Sverre Fehn is worthy of a bill. What about on a new 400 note, or a coin?

Talking Architecture

Talking Architecture, Friday 27 March
14:30 in AHO Student Pub
Michael Hensel
In praise of building 1989-2009:
A tribute to the unknown architects

Ready, Set, Crit!

Aires Mateus

It bloody hell started to snow again in Oslo. Maybe Portuguese Aires Mateus will bring some sunshine. Anyway, they are having a talk at OAF, 7PM Thursday.

Architecture Walk

Architecture walk on Sunday the 29th. The tour guide is Ann Karin in our studio. Show up at Bjørnveien 119, Holmen, Oslo at 2 P.M. One more thing, it's free!

Architects Dahle/Dahle/Breitenstein

Beams And Columns

Drinking caramel cappuccino and reading "Arkitekturens konstruktive grunnlag" by our professors Bjørn Sandaker og Arne Eggen.

NAP - Norwegian Architecture Policy

Norsk Form is organising a conference discussing a new Norwegian architecture policy.


Spagetthi will be served, beer by the bottles, happy hour from 9pm, quiz-night starting 8PM. Fun times. Opens around 6-ish.