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Pierre's Video Debut! Yeh!

Francoise is so proud! Watch Pierre dance his ass of in Name's crazy cool music video by Ringnes Production.

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Carina's Mug

Carina got this nice coffee mug from me on her birthday. Drink up.


We went to museums last Saturday. Astrup Fearnley has an exhibition
called "Lights On" right now. We were not allowed to take pictures,
but you can visit their website.

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Sketches Of Frank Gehry

AHO Film presents Sketches of Frank Gehry. Thursday at 6 pm at the Little Auditorium.

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Bakgård Wallpaper

Click on image and save as your wallpaper!

Bakgård Logo

Blogging live from Bakgård logo workshop. This is the result.

City Contours

Bakgård presents City Contours. It's a photo series I have been wanting to put out for about six months now. As of today I'll post them in this blog just for your viewing pleasure - photos of contours from the city. We'll update the series every now and then with no fixed dates.

Worlds Thinnest Pen Heads

Got them from ICON Magazine. Handy thing when drawing plans, sections and other odd bits.


A good architect consults with the nature for structural inspiration. And they're nice photos as backgrounds on the laptop.

Recycling Models

Four lovely girls at school do their daily collecting. They are conducting a project about re-using models.

Exhibition I

I know. Lots of exhibition at school. This is a shot on the day before the opening on friday. Not sure what its about. What I'm sure of is that there will be free beverages.

Exhibition II

Photography exhibition at school

Lots of people

Mostly because of this


We made it on the cover of the school pub poster. Yey!

On The Move

A slide-show clipped from the Harvard Multimedia section. They updated their site, too.

Our MiniCity

This is a nifty one. A service that visualizes the hits to a site in a Sim City-like manner. Your city grows by each different click to the site. Get your mouse cursors clicking and make the City of Bakgård grow.


Interesting take on how architects collaborating with grahic designers goes about.

Applying To AHO

If you are thinking about applying to AHO, you should read this

The Flamingos Have Come Home


5 questions for Pierre:

Q: Why did you apply to AHO?
A: I applied to AHO because of the proximity between the different culture institutions in Oslo and most of the people I know live here.

Q: Why are you so fascinated with clothes?
A: I like that clothes can talk for you. I really enjoy getting to know people and by seeing their clothes I get a sense of who they are.

Q: Do you feel that you have changed since you started studying architecture?
A: Personality wise, I have not changed at all. The only thing that has changed is that I have less time doing other stuff. I spend most of my time in studio, attending drawing classes or lectures.

Q: If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?
A: I would like to go anywhere in Africa because of the landscape and the people and the idea of it being a continent that not many young people travel to.

Q: Chose between having your eyeballs pierced or losing a foot.
A: Eyeballs. I read somewhere that they can reconstruct an eye, so there you have it.

Thanks for the answers, Pierre. Françoise


AHO Film presents Helvetica. Thursday at 6 pm at the Little Auditorium.

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Mucho Mas

This was probably the biggest burrito in Oslo...

...for about fifthteen minutes

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