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Copenhagen Trip

We are off to Copenhagen today and we leave you with some pictures from Danish photographer Kim Høltermand. Make sure you check him out.

Kinetic BMW

Agraff Blog

We like architecture offices that blog. Here's a new one from Agraff. Architects, landscape architects and graphic designer. Trice the nice.


Here's how the video was done. Have a great weekend.

Skywalker Ranch

Read the making-of over at Philip Bloom's blog. I so want a camera house like that.

A posteriori

I think that all of you should jump on this. Architecture competitions can't go all exclusive about a certain outcome on the merit of what an architecture office have done before. Where's the innovation in that? Its straight in the mud for us young guns, head first, if things don't change.

Julien De Smedt On TV Brussels

A day at work with Julien.

Are the arches pulsating? Scenografy for Arc De Visbøl by JDS Architects.

Go Abroad

16,3 percent of the students at AHO studied abroad during 2009. We are at the top of the statistics in Oslo. Read more about it in Arkitektnytt.

Arkitektnytt Face-Lifts

Arkitektnytt will soon relaunch their website and paper publication with new layouts.


Aftenposten and NRK held a public debate at Litteraturhuset about city development in Oslo. It's all on tape here. You have to see it, especially the musical act. Fun times.

Place was packed.

Moderators Knut Olav Åmås og Ellen Wesche Guttormsen.

Elin Børrud

Thomas Thiis Evensen

Stian Berger Røsland

Ulf Holmene

A Young Architect

Peter Cook rambling on about how to become a young architect. Watch it, since he comments on the work produced in Scandinavian architecture schools. Party picks of Helen & Hard pops up during his talk, too.

An Old Architect

More Peter Cook here.

An Interesting Architect

Watch Peter Cook's hobo-talking here.

Philip Bloom

Watch his entire vimeo-account. Its great. The last one is bumped from Archdaily.

Siv Stangeland

Read the article and watch the video here. Keep updated on things by subscribing to the expo-blog.

Frank Lloyd Wright

Wang Hui

The Standard Hotel NYC

The Standard Hotel is a group of four boutique hotels in Los Angeles (Hollywood and Downtown LA), Miami and New York. The New York Standard opened in Manhattan's Meatpacking District in 2009. It is noted for its modernist design reminiscent of Le Corbusier and for its span across the High Line, an elevated railroad track on Manhattan's West Side.

Spec Ops

Architects turned animators Tronic Studio made this. Check their vimeo-account for more.

Talking Architecture & Design

Every Friday 2:30PM at the school pub.

05/02/10 Magne Magler Wiggen
19/02/10 Lars Haukeland
26/02/10 Thordis Arrhenius
12/03/10 Jan Digerud
19/03/10 Halvor Ellefsen
26/03/10 Joakim skajaa
09/04/10 Erlend Blakstad Haffner
16/04/10 Ellen Hellsten
23/04/10 Mirza Mujezinovic
30/04/10 Erik Langdalen

Talking Architecture The Playhouse

Come and listen to Lars talk about The Playhouse.

In two weeks we're off to Copenhagen. The picture below is from our last trip to Copenhagen in 2008.

1st Year Authenticity

Mark Wigley comments on the authenticity of 1st year studios during a final review for Phil Parker's studio at the GSAPP in New York.

Iwan Baan

First ever article I've read about architecture photographer Iwan Baan. Anyone can do it, only the difference here is that Iwan actually did it. Pretty good, too.

Wallpaper* City Guides

Now you don't have to come across as an obvious tourist thanks to Phaidon. Go get yours over at their online shop. Available on iPod touch and iPhone.

Rob Carter

Ben Prosky

Better Call The Architect

Brian Boyer notes that “by the time the architect or designers are brought in, your hands are tied”, and in a worst case you’re left with the job of applying the proverbial “lipstick on a pig”. So how to “bring the architect forward?”

Paul Goldberger

Author and architecture critic for The New Yorker. Here's the interview on film.


Irritating the public by occupying parking spots downtown with small allotments and public parks. Here's a clip on it and an article here.

The Importance Of Sketching

There's a nice post about the importance of sketching over at Build blog. Click and read it here.