Bakgård: May 2010              

More Final Review Pictures

Celebrating with cava

Matsumoto House

Stacking, as a logic for construction, creates some really nice spaces. More photos here.

Final Reviews

Final reviews at school. Starring Peter, Ellen, Carl-Julius, Kolbjørn, Mirza, Halvor, Minna, Dominic, Børre and the rest of the class.

Final reviews from neighbouring studio course.

Two very different architectural spheres.

Forrest And Bob

Nice looking people, in a nice looking condo. Know where the place is?

Let's Colour

Hosoya Schaefer Architects

Markus Schaefer and Hiromi Hosoya, of Hosoya Schaefer Architects, will have a talk over at Oslo Association of Architects. It starts at 7PM, May 27th.

The Strelka Institute

The Strelka Institue is open for business. An architecture school in Russia headed by Rem Koolhaas.

Let The Kids Build

Short article here about teaching in studio how buildings are made.

Bjørvika Development

Website with info on the new Bjørvika neighbourhood that is currently being developed. And by the way, I'm relocating to new offices in Bjørvika pretty soon too. Check back for photos of that.

Live From The Studio

Our project deadline is Monday the 24th and everyone is stressed out. Pictures from our crit will come next week.

Nice view of Akerselva



Antonio Jiménez Torrecillas

Check out his buildings here. They're few, and really good. And swing by Studio Banana TV for more great video material.

Nori Koambe

Nori Koambe got some serious elevation model skills.

Reindeer Horn

Detail from our cabin. Maybe it will bring luck.

Europan Norway: Call for sites!

Good guys over at Europan Norway is under way planning the next architecture competition, and they're looking for new sites in NOrway under the theme, Sustainable Urban Territories. Have the proposals ready for the National Site Seminar Wednesday June 23rd. Get at them at or call 242 01 147. More text here.

Multiscale Exploration

Eye candy basically. Really sweet candy, tough.

Don Lawrence

Former Cooper Union grad, recent AHO grad, has some projects in his portfolio now. Check out his museum project, and his Turbine City project as well.

Fehn And The Gang

Ulf Grønvold posted on his blog a text about contemporary Norwegian architecture. Photo below clipped from Norway's offical website. No clue as to why I put it in here. Go figure.

Vote Or Die

See the proposals for a new culture house in Stjørdalen here and vote for your favorite!

Åpent Hus, Store vennlige kjempe, Sjørdarnsjenerøs, iBox og Hjerterom.

Fascination For Bridges

Arne Eggen, professor at AHO, is combining teaching and architectural practice with focus on the structural basis of architecture. Exhibition opening today at the AHO Gallery.

Beat Consoni

Nice website. Nice concrete projects.

Kengo Kuma

Q&A with Kengo Kuma, coolest name amongst Japanese architects, at Metropolis Magazine. Read the article here. Here's Kengo modeling on the staircase.