Bakgård: September 2011              

Westerdal's Opening

Picture from Westerdal's festival opening a few weeks back. Wine and good music.


I found this way back in my school locker.
I think it's from December. Note to self: Remember to tidy up.


I will be in New York for the next 2 weeks with Studio Powerplant. Joy!

AHO Details II


Every Tuesday we have Photography in Practice as elective course.
Walking around school, snapping shots and ending the day with a lecture/discussion.


Klaus delivers once again

Oslo Åpne Hus

Stroll around the city this weekend and visit these places.

Update: Come and see our school and where I live!

Hengki Koentjoro

My Greek friend Nikos told me about a blog where I found these photos
taken by photographer Hengki Koentjoro. Beautiful.

TreStykker 2011

Architecture students from BAS, NTNU and AHO built a gallery together this summer.
To see the building process, visit the TreStykker blog.