Bakgård: July 2009              

Cartooning Architecture

In the first video, Rhapsody In Blue, the urban scenery is amazing. Visuals and music are so well put together. The second one, New Town, shows us how to go about replanning a town. There's so much from cartoon you could take and use in the study of architecture.

Too Cool For School

These punks were too cool for school: Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Tadao Ando, Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wright.

One Minute Rave

Ready, set, rave! Them crazy Danes are at it again. This time with the concept - one minute rave. Looking at the video, I wouldn't mind having this in Oslo. Press play and see what its all about.

Vestbanen Backyard

This backyard is making a lot of buzz in the media. Saw some far fetched ideas on the Internet, as this slide-show may confirm, or this one. More info here.

Living By The Sea

A few pictures from my summer vacation so far. More to come.

Horse Drawings

Our drawing teacher took our class for an outing to draw this sculpture from different angles. A decent experience, as we seldom have drawing classes nowadays at school. Its still summer break, so the photos are a bit behind.

Random Paris Snaps

Villa la Roche by Le Corbusier

Kiosk Visit

By the way, need we still remind folks that Bakgård is still blogging during the summer break? Open every day, any day.

Filming Studio Work

A visual journal of the first year level students at the Bartlett. Film by Alex Sutton and Emma Swarbrick.

This one from the OB1 blog. The school even geo-tagged student work, and embedded a youtube with each project. Have a look at them here.

Ten students from the London Metropolitan University made a short clip of their 3D structural models.

Architects Directory

Have a look at Wallpaper's annual list of this years best young architects here. This time around they even made the offices make in scale a model of their ideal house. From Norway, MIR made the cut in this years listing.

Endless City

School Library

Our school library stocks the most impressive collection of design and architecture related books in Norway. Underneath are some books from their weekly rotation. New titles every week.

Villa Savoye

One of my favorite stops on our trip to Paris. By Le Corbusier of course.