Bakgård: Ophidian              


Powerplant NYC autumn 2011 semester project by Sebastian Stokkebokjær.

This project is as most buildings in NYC, built within a grid. Ophidian, however, is built up around a 3d grid instead of a 2d. The project consists of three different sized continuous snakes, that are entangled into eachother. Each snake has its own separate program. One for office, one for residental and one for culture and circulation. While the housing and residental are fixed moduls that has the same height and width from beginning to end, the circulation / culture snake changes it size to adapt to the other two. Together they create spaces forming many informal social situations, much like a village expanding into the air.

The roofs contain park areas, sportsfields and cultural program with great views over Manhatten, Hudson river and Brooklyn. Because of the vast cultural and sports program the building will pull on surrounding residental areas, and become a meeting point and a community centre.

The plan in the residental snake is very flexible. The appartments are modul and gridbased and has a loadbearing box containing the bathroom. This box also contains sliding walls, that can act either as a roomdivider or can be slided into the box, if one during the day prefers a more open appartment. The offices also contain this concept, so the office space can adapt to the users preferences.

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