Bakgård: Eastern Perimeter              

Eastern Perimeter

Powerplant NYC autumn 2011 semester project by Joachim Haug.

This project uses the perimeter block as a basis for organization of the 100000m2+ program on the site. From this well known typology the building has a simple logic; to adapt to the inserted program, adapt to the given context , and use sun conditions as a generating force for creating architecture.

The perimeter block has the inner courtyard as important feature. The courtyard creates an inner space that differs from the surrounding public spaces, it’s semi-private/semi-public, and it is also used as a tool to create a new connection from the city to the East River Park.

Additional program is also introduced to the structure. Programs that need a certain height and width, as swimming pool, library and cinemas, create variations in the facade and a more diverse courtyard space.

The fifth floor is used as a public space to handle the retail program of 15000m2. This public street connects the office and residential areas above with the mixed program of residential, retail and green areas below.

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